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About BenefitIQ

About BenefitIQ

BenefitIQ is the creator and licensor of the HomeBenefitIQ (HBIQ) program. Scott Vinson founded BenefitIQ in 2004. The company is headquartered in Bellevue, WA. You can contact BenefitIQ at 1.888.245.7433.

Company Mission

BenefitIQ is committed to providing mortgage and real estate industry professionals with the most powerful prospecting tool on the market. Our method of prospecting gives the professional a simple way to find immediate success and, most importantly, a way to exit the industry with something of great value.

Company Values

As a company, and as individuals, we value integrity, personal excellence, innovative thinking, mutual respect, and continual improvement. We provide our subscribers (program licensees) unparalleled customer service. We value our subscribers as partners and strive to help them succeed with their HomeBenefitIQ program.

What is the HomeBenefitIQ Program?

The founder of BenefitIQ, Scott Vinson created the HomeBenefitIQ (HBIQ) program to provide a way for mortgage and real estate professionals to package their service(s) as an employee benefit and allow them to serve companies, associations, clubs and non-profits across the country. The HBIQ program gives industry professionals an instant, professional and ready-made method to build their business more efficiently and economically. Mortgage and real estate professionals alike can extend their marketing reach to hundreds, even thousands of people while only managing a few relationships with employers. Why prospect one client at a time when you can prospect one company at a time?

Realizing that most businesses provide their employees with group medical and group dental benefits, why don't they provide group mortgage and real estate benefits? As a long-time career professional, Scott saw this missing piece and created a complete system called HomeBenefitIQ. Having spent nearly a decade testing and perfecting the HBIQ program with his own mortgage company, he now offers it to other mortgage and real estate professionals across the country on an annual license basis.

Becoming a licensee/subscriber will allow you to utilize the HBIQ program today! With the cost of company benefits like healthcare (and many other employer sponsored benefits) soaring year after year, employers are actively seeking meaningful alternatives in the form of voluntary benefits to round out their benefit packages. Your HomeBenefitIQ program is just what they're looking for.

How can HomeBenefitIQ help you exit the industry rich?

HomeBenefitIQ allows the professional to predictably fill their pipeline while capturing the right kinds of clients to fuel their growth objectives. Most industry professionals are taught to build their client databases one person at a time by asking for the referral. By building relationships with companies, associations, clubs and non-profits, you can create life-long relationships as well as a valuable book of business, while having others (employers) market to their people for you. It's the relationship with these groups that could eventually be sold… potentially for millions!

When it's time to leave the industry, you now have something that you can pass along to someone else that may pay you a residual income. Or you could even potentially sell your entire book of businesses much the way an insurance broker sells their book of business. With HBIQ your business is now predictable, replenishable, measurable and even SELLABLE!

We have developed the HBIQ Business Valuator so you can see what your business could be worth the HBIQ way! Click here to connect to the HBIQ Business Valuator.

BenefitIQ Company Ownership

Scott Vinson Biography

Scott Vinson is the founder and president of BenefitIQ and The HomeBenefitIQ Program. He brings over 21 years of sales and managerial experience in the mortgage and financial services industry to BenefitIQ. Over the past decade, he has focused his time and energy on bringing his complete marketing system (The HomeBenefitIQ Program) to mortgage and real estate professionals across the country. To date, he's trained and coached over 4,000 professionals to become the "go-to" mortgage/real estate provider for local employers and employees. The HomeBenefitIQ program has quickly grown to become the largest voluntary mortgage and real estate benefit offering in the United States.

Previous to his founding of BenefitIQ, Scott successfully managed retail mortgage pipelines in excess of $200 million annually and co-owned his own mortgage company for over 14 years. He has developed systems which give proven results with business-to-business selling. He has also developed unique, specific marketing strategies to increase production that have proven effective in any market condition.

In his personal life, Scott is happily married with one child. His passion is cycling and he has been an avid cyclist for over 20 years. If he's not in the office working hard, you can find him at the velodrome or on the road training hard. Scott's a successful Cat 2 cyclist, is the co-director of his local cycling team and works with local area charities including: the LIVESTRONG Foundation, Cascade Bicycle Club, Northwest Harvest and Toys for Tots.

For on-site training opportunities for your corporation or to book a speaking engagement with Scott Vinson, please contact admin@benefitiq.com.

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